Alchemy Complex

The font is a serif font based on an old-style type typical of 1500/1600 print industry, with a low line contrast.
You can find decorations like point in the middle of “o”, cross line like a compass v, or other decorations took from the alchemy symbolism.
The main inspiration are manuscripts of the Middle Ages containing a rich diversity and ingenious use of capital lettering.
During this period the monastic scribes twisted and stretched their illuminated letters into graphic forms of almost infinite variety. The decorated pages of the celebrated Lindisfarne Gospels (c.689 AD) contain Anglo-Saxon capitals that take on many alternate forms. These are freely used together to enhance a word’s shape. The highly decorated opening page to Saint Matthew’s Gospel provided particular inspiration for several of Alchemy’s letters.
The typefont comes together with a family of 20 symbols from Alchemy symbolism.

Adinkra Wisdom

Adinkra Wisdom font can be considered a West African font, it took inspiration from the Symbolism in use in the Ashanti people, a decorative collection of symbols which represent concept or aphorism, they are used in fabrics and pottery and in architecture decorations.
This is a display font with an African style, the geometry is straight but highly decorative and is perfect combined with Adinkra symbols.
The typefont comes together with a family of 40 symbols from Adinkra symbolism.

Aztec Font

Aztec Empire

Inspired by Xiuhpōhualli, a 365-day calendar used by the Aztecs and other pre-Columbian Nahua peoples in central Mexico.
The Aztec Empire font has been designed taking into consideration the typical geometry present in Aztec system of writings and architectures: trunked pyramids, circle plots, rectangular shapes, basically simple shapes merged together creating the letter shape.
The main characteristic of this font is to have a double line decoration always present in sculptures and bas-reliefs of Aztec manufacturing.
A decorative presence of a dot in the middle of circle letters which remind the use of dots in the “tonalpohualli” (days) symbolism.
The typefont comes together with a family of 20 symbols from Aztec symbolism.

Celtic Font

Celtic Iron

Inspired from ancient Celtic lettering such Insular-half-uncial and Gaelic calligraphy.
The Celtic Iron font is a new interpretation of Celtic letters bringing a whole new feel to old letterings. At the same time, the font has handwritten-style glyphs as if they were handwritten as the ancient letters and gives the opportunity to express a celtic feeling in an up-to-date style.
The typefont comes together with a family of 20 symbols from Celtic symbolism.

Japan Font

Japan Kamon

Japan Kamon font is inspired by Japanese logographic characters with a solid geometric feeling.
Every letter has an elegant flow, and a neat form inspired by both Kanji (Japanese writing system) and Kamon (Japanese emblems) of ancient families and widely used from Samurai.
The typefont comes together with a family of 41 symbols from old Japanese Mon emblems.

Lovecraftian Font

Lovecraftian Neue

Lovecraftian Neue font is inspired by Columbus classic typefaces designed by Herman Ihlenburg in Philadelphia in 1892. Columbus has an iconic status among many fans of Call of Cthulhu H.P. Lovecraft. It gives birth to countless stories, novels, movies, tabletop and videogames, since the original publication of H.P. Lovecraft’s The Call of Cthulhu.
Strange creatures, weird science, and shadowy cults dominate the Cthulhu Mythos, intent on realizing mad schemes to bring about the end of everything.
This Lovecraftian Neue font has been completely modernized getting off all serifs but keeping the essence of the original.
The typefont comes together with a family of 16 symbols from Lovecraft Cthulhu Mythos creatures.

Slavian Font

Slavian Ustav

The earliest form of Cyrillic manuscript, known as Ustav, was based on Greek uncial script, augmented by ligatures and by letters from the Glagolitic alphabet for consonants not found in Greek. Currently based on early Kirillitsa of 9th – 10th century, used to translate religious script into a new language.
 The Slavian Ustav font has been designed following the typical proportions of Ustav alphabet (Uncial), translating the calligraphic letters into modern types that still keep the calligraphy effect but in more geometrical harmony.
The typefont comes together with a family of 24 symbols from Slavic symbolism

Viking Norse Font

Viking Norse

The Viking Norse font is based on the original Nordic Runes; every letter has been designed in a rhombus shape, which reminds the typical stone inscriptions of the ancient Scandinavian norse population.
The typefont comes together with a family of 36 symbols from Norse symbolism and 24 symbols from Viking Runes.

Make an huge modern impact using
8 Worldwide Ancient Type Families and Symbols

Fontikon is a Worldwide Type Foundry of Ethno-Esoteric-Mystic-Magical fonts for creatives, graphic designers and game designers. It contains a set of 8 ancient fonts from historical cultures and civilizations around the world, designed in modern style. 

The collection is inspired and brings together: Alchemy, Adinkra, Aztec, Celtic, Lovecraftian, Japan Samurai, Viking Norse, Slavian. These are not your regular novelty fonts, they’re a divergence from the stereotypical.

Fontikon visually transports ancient languages to the digital era. Taking cues from historical visualization and linguistics, is a new way of re-visiting the past.

Fontikon Fonts Specifications

Fontikon Cover

Fontikon Features

Each font family in the Fontikon library has been meticulously researched and designed in a contemporary and modern style intended for use in displays, posters, RPGS, Web. Every font family contains uppercase, lowercase, numbers, special characters [full support for Latin 1 Standard 300 glyphs] and comes with a set of symbols [as font] of each specific culture. 

The Fontikon collection is a package of 8 different typewriting fonts with related symbology, every font has two families one for the typeset and the other for the symbols. Each font will be available in TTF – OTF [print&design] WOFF – WOFF2 [web]